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These Reaktor  tutorials is aimed at the composer or musician that sees him/her self mainly as a musician/performer/artist.

I have tried to make this as useful as possible for those who are mainly interested in making music.
The tutorials is used in some of my classes at the Norwegian Academy of music.

You can read this tutorial in several ways.

If you are new to Reaktor and never has programmed before,

I suggest that you start from the top of the list.

I’m not in any way associated, employed or have gotten any form of payment from Native instrument.
I have payed for all programs that I use, including those from Native-Instruments.

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Reaktor tutorial.

Introduction pre programmed Ensembles

Introduction to programing. Build a very simple Synth

Envelope generator

Ring modulation and Tape Dec

Building a simple reverb

Delay and transposition using Grain Delay

Building a sampler

Granulation. The Grain Cloud Module

Building and using an Envelop follower

An introduction to the Table Module  (under revision)

An introduction to the Audio Table Module (under revision)

Analyzing Weedwacker (under revision)

Exercises (under construction)